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The Reality Channel aims for a mutually beneficial flow of information for clients and partners

Reality Channel

The Reality Channel

The Reality Channel is an Evans & Partners network of private unlisted companies providing information flow between Reality Channel Partners and Evans and Partners clients. The network consists of nearly 1,000 partners across multiple industries including Retail, Construction, Technology, Health and Agriculture.

We offer:

  • Relevant and current research
  • Relevant thematic or interesting news articles and thought pieces
  • Host topical and interesting seminars, and useful information sessions
Reality Channel

Reality Channel Events

Evans & Partners host events to assist our Reality Channel partners. Events have to fit the criteria of being valuable and interesting. An example of previous events are:

  • Building Materials Presentation with our No. 1 rated Building Materials Analyst
  • Social Media Strategy Workshop with expert social media coaches Of Kin
  • Economic and Financial Market Outlook with our Chief Investment Officer
  • Tips for Negotiation (Retail & Construction) with experienced mediator and facilitator, Nicole Davidson
Reality Channel

How It Works

We gather insights through direct feedback. Contact is usually over the phone, but may also be via a meeting with Evans & Partners clients. Meetings may be at the place of business or at Evans & Partners offices located in Melbourne and Sydney. We take confidentiality very seriously and respect the privacy of our partners at all times.

Reality Channel

Apartment Market – Bank Lending – Oct 2016

We spoke with a few relevant partners from our Reality Channel network (developers, valuers, consultants and financiers) about the current state of bank lending for apartments. We also asked about the risk of settlement failures and trends within each market. Comments are split between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane due to the divergent nature of the markets.

  • The industry recognises the challenges in the finance market but developers are factoring in longer settlement times and accommodating their existing presales.
  • No evidence of increased settlement failures.
  • In Melbourne CBD and Southbank, apartments bought off the plan 18 months ago will be settling in the next 6 months and after that the pipeline is slowing.
  • Sydney is the optimal market to be operating in with continued demand.
  • Melbourne is experiencing solid demand for owner occupied developments in the inner suburbs.
  • Brisbane is the market under the most pressure due to oversupply and lower relative population growth.
  • Funding for offshore buyers is predominantly coming from Asian banks.