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Developing long-term wealth creation

Strategic financial advice

Retirement planning

Taking time now to determine what kind of life you eventually want to live in your retirement will help you plan out how hard your savings have to work.  

Your adviser can help you identify the key issues that form part of your retirement financial plan, including:

1. Assets and structure

Choosing how you holding assets i.e. in super or a family trust, to underpin the rest of your financial arrangements, especially in terms of tax savings and estate planning.

2. Income and tax management

Making sure your income is directed to the most productive strategy e.g. towards debt repayment or super, can help ensure your salary is working hard for you.

3. Superannuation

Getting an appropriate strategy in place which takes into consideration long-term tax, investments and estate planning implications.

4. Estate planning

Developing a well-structured estate plan to enable your wealth to pass on to your beneficiaries seamlessly and tax effectively, which helps alleviate some of the emotional pressures that can often arise in the later stages of life.

5. Time commitment and involvement

Professional support at key decision-making times and during legislative change can help reduce the administrative burden of managing your finances, particularly when you’re busy juggling work, family and other commitments. 

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