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Developing long-term wealth creation

Strategic financial advice

Defined benefit super schemes

Evans and Partners have experience with public service superannuation and pension schemes including:


  • CSS (Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme)
  • PSS (Public Sector Superannuation Scheme)
  • DFRDB (Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme)
  • MSBS (Military Benefits and Superannuation Scheme)


  • SSS (State Super Scheme)
  • SASS (State Authorities Super Scheme)


  • ESSS (Emergency Services and State Super) – ESSS Revised Scheme, ESSS New Scheme, ESSS Defined Benefit 


  • defined benefit super schemes from corporate entities including UniSuper, Telstra and Qantas.

If you are a member of a defined benefit super scheme, we can help you to:

  • determine appropriate level of contributions while maintaining cash flow
  • understand benefit entitlements to make the right choice in respect to your objectives, cash flow, tax implications and superannuation structures
  • navigate the tax impacts while contributing as well as in retirement
  • assess options available with a redundancy offer, including reviewing future work intentions, tax considerations and your financial position.
  • align your defined benefit scheme with your other retirement savings.

Public service redundancy packages

Your adviser can assist in working to maximise redundancy payments if you are made redundant under a public service superannuation structure, with advice on:

  • available options when accepting a redundancy
  • whether to use the payment to pay down debt or invest in superannuation
  • the optimal tax treatment of your redundancy and leave payments
  • the impact of redundancy on your financial position and retirement plans
  • broader financial strategies to meet your retirement goals.

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