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Combining profit with purpose

Sustainable investing

Many clients want their money to do more than multiply. They want it to either invest in companies they believe are helping to make the world a better place or avoid those they believe are making it worse. The combination of selecting companies based on both societal and financial returns is the basis for sustainable investing.

As an Evans and Partners client, you have access to a comprehensive framework which incorporates investment screening, measurement of environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, sustainable investment research and specialise industry expertise provided through a combination of our group-wide resources and best-of-breed partners.

Recognising that financial markets vary in their approach to ESG, we believe there are three distinctive investment styles associated with sustainable outcomes, each with a different philosophical approach.


Avoid harm by excluding investments exposed to products or industries ‘harmful’ to people or the planet.

For example, investing in an exchange traded fund that excludes the tobacco industry.


Benefit stakeholders through investments exposed to broad sustainability or ESG themes.

For example, investing in a managed fund that targets businesses exposed to the renewable energy sector.


Contribute to solutions through investments with direct, measurable social or environmental impact.

For example, investing in a social impact bond with the proceeds used to fund social housing.

Sustainable investing applies an investment process which formally incorporates ESG criteria, either alongside traditional financial analysis, or on its own.

We have a range of options available for clients across the sustainable investing spectrum, from investment solutions that focus on avoiding harmful products or industries through to strategies that contribute to social and environmental outcomes.

Traditional investment approach

Focused on profit maximisation only.

Sustainable investing approach

Focused on the impact an investment has on a broader array of stakeholders. This includes staff, customers, natural capital, and the broader community.


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