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Commitment to value

Private Wealth

Philanthropy services

Philanthropy means different things to different people, the common challenge is finding innovative ways to leverage opportunities and attract resources to effect positive change.

Evans and Partners have expert resources to assist clients to develop and incorporate their philanthropic strategy into their overall wealth management. This includes raising awareness of philanthropic options and strategies and to provide innovative solutions for our client’s diverse needs and objectives, in a practical tax efficient manner.

Specialist resources

At Evans and Partners, you will have access to information and research on philanthropic trends. We also provide you with sector knowledge and access to expert information on topics including:

  • Family philanthropy
  • Involving the next generation
  • Giving circles
  • Grant making advice
  • Cash flow analysis of charitable endowments
  • Social investment
  • Assessing the level and timing of charitable gifts and bequests are consistent with personal cash flow planning.

Personal strategy

At Evans and Partners, we will work to develop a personal philanthropic strategy tailored for you and your family. Our process involves assessing the following key points:

  • How do you want to be involved?
  • How do you want to give?
  • What type of organisation do you want to support?
  • Do you want to measure the impact or effectiveness of your gift?
  • Do you want to support charities via your will or bequest?
  • Have you created an investment policy for your endowment?