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Commitment to value

Private Wealth

Charitable services

Evans and Partners has established a reputation as a trusted adviser to a diverse group of community and charitable organisations.

Managing the assets of organisations that provide support and services to some of the most vulnerable members of our community requires a real understanding of their mission, their stakeholders and their unique objectives.

Investment checklist

  • Do you have an investment policy?
  • Ensure investment decisions and recommendations are consistent and compliant with trust deed and investment policy.
  • Ensure strategic review of organisation cash flows and existing investments and asset allocation.
  • What activities do you need to fund and when are those activities?
  • Ensure implementation of appropriate asset allocation.
  • Are you tracking and receiving franking credits?


  • Organisation profile: this includes definition of goals and objectives
  • Risk definition: operational, financial, reputational
  • Cash flow requirements
  • Investment return objectives
  • Asset class selection / restrictions
  • Asset allocation benchmarks
  • Investment procedures / policies
  • Performance review / benchmark
  • Ethical or social responsibility investment considerations
  • Reporting.