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Commitment to value

Private Wealth

Charitable and philanthropic services

Evans and Partners has established a reputation as a trusted adviser to a diverse group of community and charitable organisations and has the expert resources to assist families and organisations to develop and incorporate a philanthropic strategy into their overall wealth management.

Our charitable and philanthropic services include raising awareness of philanthropic options and strategies and providing innovative solutions for our client’s diverse needs and objectives, in a practical tax-efficient manner.


Components of the Evans and Partners charitable and philanthropic service include:

  • assistance in the development and maintenance of investment strategies and governance policies
  • definition of goals and objectives
  • risk definition: i.e. operational, financial, reputational
  • cash flow analysis 
  • asset class selection/restrictions and asset allocation benchmarks
  • ESG education and investment strategy integration
  • socially responsible investment solutions (values-based, sustainable themed and impact investments) 
  • performance review and reporting
  • family philanthropy including integration with the next generation
  • giving circles and grant making advice.


At Evans and Partners, we work with you to ensure your philanthropic strategy is tailored to you and your family or your charitable organisation. This process involves addressing the following key points:

  • an appropriate investment strategy and governance policy is in place
  • recommendations are consistent with any existing investment policy
  • there is a strategic review of cash flows, existing portfolio construction and asset allocation.

Community and charitable organisations

Consideration is given to activities that need to be funded and the timing of the funding.


Consideration is given to the preferred level of involvement of family members, how much each family member wants to give and the type of organisation the family wants to support.