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Advisory Services

Having greater choice and access to a broad range of quality asset classes can make a significant impact on your investment outcomes.

You’ll work closely with your adviser, choose from a range of asset and investment management alternatives, both direct and discretionary, including cash, fixed income, listed and unlisted property, domestic and international equities, to meet your specific needs.

Advisers apply a disciplined and global perspective to managing wealth on behalf of private individuals, families and not-for profit organisations. They are supported by extensive internal macroeconomic and company research, as well as a range of external sources covering domestic and overseas markets. Where appropriate, this includes an alliance with a New York-based Global Strategy team, among the world’s top 300 registered investment advisers, as judged by the Financial Times.

Whilst return opportunities are important, advisers are acutely aware of employing stringent risk management practices in mitigating exposure to capital loss. You’ll enjoy the confidence that comes from working with some of the industry’s most credentialed and experienced advisers. Through ongoing training and research briefing they remain fully aware of the investment climate, economic outlook and implications for asset allocation and portfolio construction, via disciplined investment selection.

Advice is tailored to your objectives which often include wealth accumulation, capital preservation, income and various other strategies.

Advice and administration service

You can choose to join the business as either a transactional advisory service client, or a comprehensive asset and investment management advisory service client:

Transactional advisory service

This highly attentive investment advice service provides ongoing stockbroking and investment advice from a dedicated investment adviser, generally charged on a transactional basis through brokerage fees.

Comprehensive asset and investment management advisory and administrative service

This full-service option includes formulation of a comprehensive investment strategy, portfolio construction and management, brokerage and a full client reporting system to facilitate all administration, tax and accounting matters. Fees are generally charged on an ongoing basis, calculated as a percentage of funds under advice.

Managed Discretionary Portfolio Service

Our managed portfolio service evolved to meet the needs of our clients who lacked the time, interest and/or authority to access the ideas and advice of our firm on an ongoing advisory basis i.e. security by security.

The service offers the following portfolios:

  • Australian Equities Income & Growth Portfolios
  • Australian Equities Zero Tax Portfolio
  • Defensive Plus & Diversified Fixed Income Portfolios
  • International Focus Portfolio
  • Global Equities ETF Portfolio
  • Global Disruption Portfolio

We provide monthly and quarterly performance reports to clients wishing to receive them, and the opportunity to speak first-hand to portfolio managers at our program of lunches and presentations