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Our Services

Institutional Equities

Evans and Partners Institutional offering aims to provide a combination of quality research, dedicated sales, and traditional broking/execution services.

Our people are experienced and well qualified to provide insightful advice on equity markets, and we have a dedicated team focused on ensuring efficient and timely execution.

Our objective is to provide first class investment advice and non maintenance research that is differentiated and genuinely attempts to add value to our institutional clients.

What differentiates Evans and Partners from many of its competitors is our genuine desire to be the “trusted advisor” and work in partnership with our clients. We believe that we are well positioned to achieve this goal given our:

  • ALIGNED INTERESTS – Our goal is to align our interests closely with those of our clients.
  • CLIENT ONLY FOCUS – We do not run principal positions and are therefore 100% focused on your needs as a client above all else.

Clients of Evans and Partners can expect a high level of service and a product offering that they can influence – not just a generic offering that they are required to accept.