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A partnership for the long-term

Family Investment Office

We work with your family to:

  • formulate the vision;
  • design the guidelines; and
  • implement the framework

required to manage your family’s wealth for current and future generations.

The Family Investment Office service provides guidance in all aspects of your family’s governance framework. This incorporates investment management, comprehensive reporting and administration plus access to the broader Evans & Partners network.


Family Investment Office Services


Establishing and supporting the family framework



Focusing on
risk and return


Reporting and Administration

Enhancing efficiencies and providing timely, valuable insights

Professional Support

Broad range of
related services
Family framework

We work with you and your advice network to define your family’s approach to financial and non-financial objectives, which serves as a reference point for key issues including; family guidelines, inter-generational issues, investment policies, and may reference SRI/ESG and philanthropy.


We assist in the development and operation of a family office council, including its governance and communication framework. We can support your family in a ‘trusted insider’ capacity.

Investment Management

Holistic investment management, next-generation education, ethical considerations and access to exclusive investment opportunities. We conduct due diligence on the myriad of opportunities presented to the family.

Access to investment professionals

Direct access to an extensive network of internal and external investment professionals, enabling us to deliver a broad range of insights and analysis.

Reporting and Administration

A comprehensive suite of whole-of-wealth portfolio, performance, consolidated balance sheet and tax reports. This enables efficient handling of administration, taxation and accounting issues for your family’s portfolio.

Socially Responsible Investing and Philanthropy

Applying the family’s core values to the investment process, we have dedicated in-house resources to educate, establish and monitor your SRI and ESG principles. We help support your family’s philanthropic endeavours from structuring options through to engaging directly with organisations aligned to your areas of impact.

Trusted partners

We utilise our expertise to recognise where others have a role to play. Our clients can access a range of related services through our trusted partners and networks, including strategic advice, legal and accounting services.

Family support network

We have a broad network of family relationships. We facilitate networking opportunities between family offices to discuss ideas, share knowledge and experiences and identify potential opportunities.