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A global portfolio of 10-15 quality growth businesses for the long term

International Strategy

We invest in some of the world’s best businesses, following our disciplined and time-tested investment process. With only 10 – 15 companies in our portfolio, we own companies with durable competitive advantages, resilient earnings, financial strength and seasoned management teams. Our purchases are made at a discount to our assessment of fair value, providing our investors both a margin of safety and upside potential. 

Strategy Inception



Strategy FUM



Companies held


Number of Stocks: 10 - 15
Max Cash: 10%
Benchmark: MSCI All Countries World Accum Index ex-Australia (AUD)
Responsible Entity: Equity Trustees Limited
Distribution Frequency: Bi-annually
Min. Investment: $20,000
Buy/Sell Spread: 0.10%/0.10%
Management Fee: 1.25% inc. GST
Performance Fee: None


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