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Fixed Interest

Fixed interest

Fixed income is an essential part of any diversified investment portfolio, providing low volatility of returns and regular income. There are a wide range of fixed interest investments readily accessible. These vary from cash and term deposits, to government and corporate bonds and hybrid securities. Additionally, these products can vary in time frame, return and risk profile. Evans and Partners offers a wide range of services for investors seeking interest rate style returns, either on a direct investment basis, or via our specific fixed interest managed accounts.

Indirect fixed interest – portfolio services

For those who would like to simply invest in a portfolio of fixed interest securities specifically selected by the Evans and Partners Fixed Interest team, our Managed Accounts platform contains the ‘Diversified Fixed Income Portfolio’.

Publications and research

Evans and Partners has access to a range of publications on fixed interest investment as well as stand-alone research pieces on particular connected topics, such as how various fixed interest security types work.