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Offering a range of investment solutions to suit your needs

Our Services

A world of opportunity

Evans and Partners Asset Management have a dedicated team of investment professionals with significant experience in managing funds and portfolios in their respective asset classes. 

Through their expertise and the capability of our established infrastructure we are able to offer a diverse range of investment products to suit the needs of clients. 

Investors can choose from a variety of asset classes and product types including direct equities (both Australian and international), managed funds, bonds (government and corporate) and hybrid securities. 

Discretionary portfolio service

Our discretionary portfolio service evolved to meet the needs of our clients that lacked the time, interest and/or authority to access the ideas/advice of our firm on an ongoing advisory basis (i.e. security by security). 

The service offers clients professionally managed portfolios across the three key asset classes of Australian equities, international equities and fixed income and currently have funds under management in excess of $1.3 billion. 

The service offers the following portfolios:

  • Australian Equities Income and Growth Portfolios
  • Australian Equities Zero Tax Portfolio
  • Defensive Plus and Diversified Fixed Income Portfolios
  • International Focus Portfolio
  • Global ETF Portfolio
  • Global Healthcare Portfolio

We provide monthly and quarterly performance reports to clients who wishing to receive them, and as investors, the opportunity to speak first hand to our managers at our many lunches and presentations.