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Alex Hayward

Director - Investment Adviser, PWM

Alex joined Evans and Partners in 2020 from within the E&P Financial Group. He has worked within the financial services sector for the last 11 years and has been responsible for running a large team for much of the last 5 years. This experience has given Alex an excellent understanding of investment markets and the inner workings of the broader financial services sector. 

With a background in providing quality investment advice and researching investment opportunities, Alex tailors the very best ideas from within the Evans & Partners network to his client's personal circumstances. Alex understands that financial services is an industry based on results and strives to achieve this through constant market analysis, industry collaboration and teamwork. Alex is comfortable investing across any asset class or investment vehicle whether it be direct shares, exchange traded funds, property trusts, managed funds, separately managed accounts, bonds, or private equity to tailor an approach that his clients are comfortable with and achieves the results they are looking for. 

Alex says Evans & Partners clients benefit from a highly experienced team with a proven track record that has been built around core, client focused investment principles.  

Alex has a Bachelor of Finance (majoring in Corporate Finance) from Australian National University and a Master of Applied Finance from Kaplan Professional Australia. Alex has also successfully completed the Stockbrokers Association of Australia Securities & Managed Investments Accreditation and recently passed the FASEA exam on the first attempt. 

Alex completed the FASEA Financial Adviser Exam in August 2020.

P: +61 3 9411 4032