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How Do We Work With You?

Before we propose a solution, we begin by spending time understanding your organisation’s objectives, investment and income requirements and tolerance for risk.

To ensure we provide the most appropriate advice, we also need to understand;

  • Existing organisation assets
  • Spending policy
  • Investment time frame
  • Any ethical screens

We can also undertake review of your current position including;

Cash Flow Analysis - comprehensive analysis of Outflows (i.e. operating costs, grants infrastructure), Injections (i.e fundraising, sale of property, revenues from operations) - enable us to engage with clients on appropriate risks and income requirements to meet the needs and outcomes for the endowment in different scenarios.

Governance Policies - We have the capacity to held NFP clients to establish sound governance policies through review of existing policies and creation of new policies.

Investment Policies - Promote sound investment practices, ensure that advisers and clients are working together to achieve the objectives of the organisations

Evans and Partners will guide investors / clients through the process of establishing an Investment Policy which will help to meet fiduciary responsibilities, provide an ongoing "road map" and provide focus through market volatility.

Ongoing Management practices include;

  • Regular review of Portfolio
  • Strategic review of organisational cash flows, ensure changes are incorporated into budgets
  • Strong focus on preservation of capital and generation of reliable income streams
  • Understand longer term funding requirements
  • Understand any ethical and social considerations of your organisation
  • Provision of seminar and educational opportunities for trustees
  • Introduction to donors with similar interests?